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We have selected one of the most popular NFL players Antonio Brown biography for our readers today. Antonio is nowadays playing as a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers team, and also he is steadily increasing his worth and game in the team. Our guide will help you to explore near about every possible personal information available at the moment of Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown Personal Life and Family

For the personal and family life, we have carefully selected all the necessary items from the date of birth to hobbies which can be of importance to his fans.

Antonio Brown was born to one of the greatest AFL player named as Eddie Brown. The birthplace of Antonio is Florida Miami. He only had one older brother named as Desmond Brown. Who nowadays working as a Realtor. His father died when he was at an early age of his childhood. His mother named Adrianne Moss married to second man worth. Whom Antonio had conflict, and that’s why he left his home.

Antonio Brown

Antonio spent most of his childhood homeless. After some time, he got right guidance from his coach and focused on his game and despite the fact that he rejected by 32 NFL teams many times. But he finally drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers. And has now made a name for himself.

Antonio Brown Affairs

Brown had a string of relations all of his life and during his career. But none of them were too serious enough that he would get married to anyone. There is one relationship that sticks for a long time. And it was with his current ex-girlfriend named as Shameika Brailsford. Antonio was under a lot of debate and discussion with his team’s quarterback player named as Ben to married, but he refused it all the time.

The relationship ended with many disputes and fights among them. Despite of these disputes, they were together for a very long time, and they had five children together.

Antonio Brown Professional Career

He has only been in the professional career for the past five seasons. But still, he is achieving more and more success as well as trophies and awards each year. Antonio is simply fond of them. He considers these accolades as the Badges of Honor.

Antonio Brown

When it asked about if he has any defense barrier that he can’t break, he replied to this question that he fears no defense and its all chess. You have to study the situations and work your way through it.
Apart from the swimming and extreme work out Antonio also a Pilate’s lover. He says that Pilates has long-term effects on the body and it will help me to stay in shape for a long period of time.

Antonio Brown wears the 84 number jersey for the reason that he passed on by the 32 NFL teams in his previous attempts at getting drafted. Eight multiply by four which becomes 32 hence he wears number 84 jersey as a reminder.

Antonio Brown Net Worth

Antonio Brown

The estimated net worth of Antonio Brown is $47.5 million.

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